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How to Make Your Plants Bloom for Longer Periods?

by Saru Kaushish on Feb 27, 2023

How to Make Your Plants Bloom for Longer Periods?

Who doesn't love plants with colorful blooms? Many of us might face some problems, especially with flowering plants. Keeping the plants blooming for a longer period is a dream of every plant lover. If you are a plant lover looking for plant care tips to make your flowering plants bloom for longer, we have included some of the best tips in this article.

Tips to Bloom Flowering Plants

Blooming flowers look beautiful in the garden, and here are some of the tips that you must follow:

  • Choose the Right Plant

If you are looking for blooms for a longer period, you should opt for perennial plants or year-round flowering plants, such as TMC mini, pentas, Ixora, and others. Annual plants have a short life span and hence shorter blooming periods too. Most of the blooming plants can't survive in an indoor environment. Go for flowering plants only if you have a good sunny area.

  • Embrace a Sunny Area

Sunlight is an essential factor that influences the blooming of your plant. It is ideal to provide at least 5 to 6 hrs of bright sunlight for your flowering plants to bloom beautifully. The location where you keep your plant also influences the sunlight it receives. Never place your plants in shady areas or areas with low-intensity light to enjoy colorful blooms. South-facing spaces are ideal for placing your flowering plants.

Embrace a Sunny Area

  • Give Moderate Watering

Excess of anything harms your plants, and this principle applies to watering your plants too. 'Irrigating your plant frequently helps in its growth' is the biggest myth many new plant parents believe in. Excessive watering causes root rots, whereas minimal watering reduces the blooming ability of your plants. This is why it is always essential to water moderately. Water in such a way that the soil is consistently moist but doesn't turn soggy. If you are using ceramic pots for plants, you must be extra careful. Even though they have drainage holes, the glaze in the ceramic will absorb   moisture than the unpainted ones.

  • Remove Spent Heads

Studies have proved that plants whose spent heads (dried flowers or wilted flowers) are removed give more blooms. It's because efficient assimilation of food occurs when you remove the spent heads (which are now of no use to your plants). Hence, make a schedule to remove spent heads according to your suitability. Always prune out the dried and dead leaves to keep your plant healthy and to bloom.

  • Nourish Your Plant

If you want your beautiful flowering plants to bloom for longer, it is necessary to provide proper nourishment. Invest in a good phosphorus-rich fertilizer, as phosphorus is the element that encourages flowering in plants. We love to advise our readers to go organic. You can go for well-balanced organic fertilizer like Jeevamrutha, or you can go for Vermi wash.

Our tips will help keep your plants blooming. To get more gardening tips and valuable information, stay tuned with us.