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Indoor planters and gardening- Tips and Tricks

by GOLDDUST- Rethink and Revive on Jan 02, 2024

indoor planters

In today's hustle culture and increasing urbanization in lifestyle, stress is something quite predominantly observed among people. Amidst all of this commotion, people may find solace by engaging in activities like gardening, which can be a healthy relaxation and give you a refreshing break from the daily hustle. Incorporating indoor plant gardening into your spaces not only adds to the overall aesthetic appeal but also contributes to a healthy indoor environment. That is why we are here with a blog, to give you some insights on how to garden with indoor planters so that you can have a beautiful gardening experience and a well-deserved refreshment. 

Choosing the right greens for your Indoor planters

indoor planters

While choosing the appropriate plants for your journey into indoor plant gardening, you might have to take a few things into consideration to ensure a fulfilling gardening experience.  Here below, we have listed a few things you can look out for before making a decision:

Assess the light conditions of your space

Every plant has different levels of light requirements for efficient growth and development. So, make sure to evaluate the amount of natural light available in your space before starting off with your indoor plant gardening venture.

If your space has minimal sunlight, you can consider opting for low-light tolerant plants like snake plants, pothos, ZZ plants, etc.

On the other hand, if your environment is well-lit with bright light, you can consider taking plants like orchids, succulents, fiddle leaf figs, etc, since they thrive well in bright indirect light.

Analyze the space constraints

Where are you planning to maintain your indoor planters? Is the space large enough, or would you rather prefer to maintain a minimalistic garden? With regard to this, you might have to ensure that you incorporate plants that are ideal and fit within your given space. Plants like peace lilies or spider plants are quite compact, making them suitable for smaller spaces.

Also, if floor space is limited, you can probably consider hanging plants like pothos.

Understand maintenance levels

Indulging in gardening can be refreshing and relaxing, but one needs to keep in mind that some plants may take much more effort and time than others. So, make sure to choose plants based on the amount of time you can allot to them according to your schedule. If you are a beginner or have a tight schedule, plants that require low plants, like Sansevieria, cactus, succulents, aloe vera, etc, are ideally considered to be a better option. However, if you want to offer more of your time and involvement in gardening, you can go for other options like orchids or ferns that may require specific plant care routines.

Personal protection and safety

This specifically becomes a concern if you are allergic to any plant substance like pollen. This is especially common in individuals dealing with asthma. So, if you, or anybody in your family, is aversive to a particular plant substance, try to avoid having it around in your indoor planters.

Additionally, ensure that the plants you choose are not toxic to your pets or toddlers, if there are any around.

Evaluate Temperature tolerance

Most of the plants involved in indoor plant gardening prefer consistent temperatures. So, make sure to provide them with a regular dose of minimal sunlight as per their requirements. However, if you live in a place where offering a consistent and regular temperature environment around your indoor planters becomes hard, you can think of options like snake plants that can tolerate temperature fluctuations to a certain extent.

Purpose of your indoor plant gardening

What is the reason for your shift to indoor plant gardening? Is it for enhancing the visual appeal of your setting or space through exquisite indoor planters, or do you consider any particular plant to be lucky? Or is it mainly for air purification purposes?
If your first priority is aesthetics, you can choose plants that suit your personal style from a wide range of varieties. Some plants have striking foliage, others might have vibrant flowers, while you can also find minimalistic plants as well. Pick the plants that complement your aesthetic preferences and style. You can also get clay pots for plants or other indoor planters that can accommodate your taste.

If you are curious as to which plants are considered lucky and want to explore that aspect with your indoor planters, you can opt for plants like jade, lucky bamboo, money plants, etc. These indoor plants are believed to bring luck in terms of career happiness, prosperity and other prospects of life.

Finally, if your main concern is the purification of air and inducing freshness in the atmosphere, you can go for plants that possess purifying qualities, like aloe vera, peace lilies, spider plants, etc.

Budget and Availability Issues 

Indoor plants come in a wide range of prices depending on factors such as popularity, rarity, size, demand, seasonal preferences, etc. Common and easy-to-grow plants in your locality can usually be more budget-friendly, making them a clever choice if being on a budget is one of your concerns. However, make sure to consider potential additional costs, including clay pots for plants, other indoor planters, solid fertilisers and other essential gardening tools, since they contribute to the overall budget of your garden.

Perks of Choosing Clay pots as Indoor Planters in Your Gardening Journey

indoor planters

Choosing the right indoor planters is often an overlooked but essential important aspect of gardening and plant care. The wide range of indoor planters available includes classic and timeless Terracotta pots or clay pots for plants, fancy and elegant ceramic pots, light and handy plastic pots, minimal and durable metal pots, etc. Traditional pots like clay pots for plants have been a staple in gardening for the longest time known, even centuries down the line. They offer a range of benefits, including breathability for the plant roots, temperature regulation, aesthetic appeal, etc. 

Additionally, indoor planters like clay pots for plants are also eco-friendly in nature given their composition, biodegradable nature, lower generation of carbon footprints and durability.

The perks offered by these pots are one of the main reasons why clay pots for plants are commonly recommended by both seasonal and regular gardeners.


indoor planters

By understanding the importance of indoor planters and their influence on gardening, you not only ensure a healthy gardening environment but also a space for solace and peace amidst the hustle and bustle of daily life routines. Bringing a touch of nature to your home or working space is never a bad idea. What are you still thinking about? Explore the various gardening tools, planters, organic fertilizers, neem oil, etc, and enhance your indoor plant gardening experience