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All You Need to Know About Mustard Cake Fertilizers

by GOLDDUST- Rethink and Revive on Dec 27, 2023

mustard cake fertilizer


Plants are beautiful creatures that bring life and colour to our world while also playing a vital role in our ecosystem. As gardeners, we know how much importance it holds for us to give the best to our plants and take good care of them. And to achieve this, one of the most important things we need to do is provide them with the right nutrients they need to thrive and grow healthy. What better way to go about this than choosing organic fertilizers?

Organic fertilizers are a great way to nourish our plants without harming the environment. One such commonly used organic fertilizer is mustard cake fertilizer. They are known to promote the overall well-being of the plant by enriching the soil and providing the plants with ample nutrients.

In this blog, we will look at how a mustard cake is made and how it can benefit the holistic growth and health of your garden.

How are mustard cakes manufactured?

Mustard cake fertilizer

This organic fertilizer is manufactured as a byproduct of the mustard oil extraction process. The first step in the process is to clean and dry the mustard seeds. Then, we dehull the seeds, which is the process of removing the outer hull. Further, we ground the dehulled seeds into a fine powder.

The next step in the process is to extract the oil from the mustard powder. This process can be done using a range of methods, such as pressing, expelling, or solvent extraction. The type of extraction method used will depend on the desired quality of the mustard oil and the equipment available.

Once you extract the oil, you can see a remaining residue settled and that residue is mustard cake. Mustard cake is a high-protein, high-fiber material that is rich in nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. It is also a good source of organic matter.

You can make use of mustard cake as an organic fertilizer, animal feed, or fuel. It is also used in the manufacture of soaps, detergents, and other products.

How to Prepare Mustard Cake Fertilizers to Use in Your Garden

mustard cake powder

Mustard cake fertilizers are commonly prepared in 2 ways: 

  1. Soaking mustard cake in water: This is a relatively more straightforward method. In this method, you can soak the mustard cake in water for a few days. You will see that the water will gradually turn a dark brown shade. Once the water has turned dark brown, it is ready to be used as an organic fertilizer. Dilute this mustard cake water with an equal quantity of water before applying it to your plants.

  1. Composting mustard cake: This method takes longer, but it produces a more nutrient-rich organic fertilizer. To compost mustard cake, you can mix it with other organic materials, such as manure, plant waste, and compost. Mix this compost pile regularly to ensure adequate aeration. You can use this compost mustard cake once you see that it has turned a dark brown and has a crumbly texture.

Benefits of mustard cake fertilizer 

Mustard cakes are known for the number of benefits they bring to your garden. Like:

Providing essential nutrients: Mustard cake is a good source of fundamental elements like nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorous, which are necessary nutrients for healthy plant growth.

Improves soil fertility: The organic matter in mustard cake helps to improve soil fertility by increasing soil structure and water-holding capacity. 

Repels pests and diseases: Mustard cake contains a compound called glucosinolate, which has insecticidal and fungicidal properties. This essential compound means that mustard cake can help to protect your plants from pests and diseases.

Improves crop yield: Mustard cake fertilizers, with their nourishing qualities, improve the yield of crops such as rice, wheat, maize, etc.

Tips for gardening using mustard cake fertilizer

Now that you know the excellent benefits mustard cake fertilizers can bring to you, let us explore some tips on how to manage gardening using mustard cake fertilizers.

  1. Using mustard cake fertilizer during the spring or fall is recommended since that is when plants need the most nutrients.
  2. Do not apply it directly to the leaves of your plants, as it can burn them; instead, apply it to the soil around the base of your plants.
  3. Make sure to water your plants after applying mustard cake fertilizer. Watering will help in terms of activating the positive effects of the fertilizers sooner.
  4. Be careful not to over-fertilize your plants. Too much fertilizer can damage your plants.

Here are some additional tips for using mustard cake fertilizer in your garden:

  • Use mustard cake fertilizer as a mulch. You can help retain moisture around the soil and also suppress weeds by applying a layer of mustard cake around the base of your plants.
  • Use mustard cake fertilizer to make compost tea. Soak mustard cake in water for a few days, then strain the liquid and dilute it with equal parts water. Apply this compost tea to your plants as a foliar spray or water it into the soil.
  • Use mustard cake fertilizer to make a seed starter. Mix mustard cake with potting soil and sand to create a nutrient-rich seed starter.
  • Store mustard cake fertilizer in a cool, dry place. Mustard cake fertilizer can last for up to 2 years if stored properly.
  • Do not apply mustard cake fertilizer to newly transplanted plants. Allow the plants to settle in for a few weeks before applying fertilizer.


If you, too, are one of those ecologically conscious people and would choose to go for organic fertilizers rather than using the chemical ones which could potentially harm your beloved plants and the environment, mustard cake fertilizer is a great choice to nourish your plants. They are a good source of essential nutrients which can help to improve soil fertility and foster plant growth while also repelling pests and diseases away from your plants. 

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