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Gold Dust Magic Mix is power packed all in one fertilizer for Home Plants

by GOLDDUST- Rethink&Revive on May 25, 2022

Gold Dust Magic Mix is power packed all in one fertilizer for Home Plants

Gold Dust Magic Mix is granular fertilizer containing enzymes, alginic acid, Fluvic and Hemic Acid, Amino acid, Bio Nutrients, Crude Proteins and extracts from Seaweeds and other natural sources.
It is ideal organic fertilizer for home plants and home garden, perfect blend of slow and fast release plant fertilizer for pot plants, increases water retention, balances pH making soil Biologically alive and active.
Magic Mix is ideal organic Fertilizer for home garden containing all beneficial microbes for faster consumption of micro-nutrients in soil by converting N-P-K in "available form". It has no synthetic chemicals and is ideal for urban growers.

It is completely organic fertilizer in granular form, easy to store and safe for Pets and Kids, ideal for plant loving Parents

Gold Dust isΒ  committed to bring chemical free organic gardening solutions which to make your house and balcony garden safe for pets and kids. It is micro-nutrient rich organic fertilizer for fruits, vegetables, and potted plants idea for your kitchen garden, urban farm, backyard Garden. Hemic Acid molecules enable plant roots in consuming water and nutrient from soil. Combination of Hemic acid and seaweed produces 50% more SOD, a powerful antioxidant enzyme and plant protection agent. SOD protects the cell membranes, chlorophyll membranes, and mitochondrial membranes from harmful oxidative stress. Extremely useful during flowering and fruiting stage.