Mustard Cake Powder Fertiliser 2Kg

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Gold Dust is committed to bring chemical free organic gardening solutions to make your house and balcony garden safe for pets and kids. Mustard cake is one of the most popular organic fertilizer globally for flowering and vegetable plants. This fertilizer is rich in protein, provides micro nutrients to your garden plants. It helps in organic pests and insect control, making your garden plants healthy. Mustard cake can be used in powder or solution form (1:20 water) as liquid fertilizer for plants to enhance overall health of pot soil and promote growth and flowering in your terrace/balcony garden. These oil cakes are processed by cold pressing mustard seeds of superior native/local variety.

Gold Dust Mustard Cake Powder is organic and natural fertilizer. It is moderate to fast release organic fertilizer which provides - Nitrogen, Phosphorous, Sulphur, Magnesium, Manganese, Zinc and Potassium to plants. It is must have for flower and fruiting plants. It can be used as-
Organic TopDressing to refill macro and micro nutrient in the form of organic matter.
Liquid Fertilizer: Quick boost for plant growth during peak season requirements.
Booster for flowering and fruiting Plants e.g. Rose plant