Seaweed Liquid Fertiliser 250 ML

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GoldDust Seaweed liquid fertilizer for Plant reacts with metals in the soil to form cross-linked polymers. These polymers improve the crumbling in the soil and increase water retention. Extracted from Sea Weed, micronutrients rich seaweed extract liquid concentrate contains plant growth booster , flowering hormone for plants and other plant nutrients - NPK, Zinc, Iron and etc. Our Liquid seaweed fertilizer is first choice organic liquid fertilizer for plants as It has 70+ minerals, vitamins and enzymes which promotes flower and fruit bearing when applied at the time of budding. 250 ml of concentrates seaweed extract gel can make upto 50 Liter of Seaweed extract liquid fertilizer. For larger shelf life and growth promoting efficacy of Seaweed extract fertilizer we are recommend using liquid form instead of Seaweed extract powder or granule as observed in multiple scholar studies. NOTE: For best result application of sea weed solution for plants must be carried out either early in morning or after sunset.

Seaweed Liquid Fertilizer can be used as a Foilar spray. Apply during leafing, branching and fruiting stage. Avoid applying within 10 days of reporting and baby plant.
It can be used as Liquid Fertilizer, Natural Growth Stimulator and is long lasting on fruits and flowery plants.