Pot Skin Black

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WHY HOARDING MORE PLASTIC WHEN YOU CAN RECYCLE? PLASTIC , a 7 letter 7 type demon from our daily life. Obviously using it is a sin but not using it also not an option to some extent. Let's Face it. As a family no matter how much we try not using it, there are always those days where we forget to carry our own water or are just too tempted to get those Cola/Juices etc. to go with Pizza or Burger. Beautiful cover for plants in discarded water bottles. UpCycle your waste into beautiful plant cover. DIY gardening decoration idea. Grow plant in plastic bottles and other household discard jar and containers. Black and white Pot cover for home plants.

1. Suitable and eco friendly
2.Our unique Co-Ex fabric helps in controlling temp of soil or plant 3. Can easily match fit the shape of the bottle or Jar to fit snuggly.
4.Far more attractive than oversized ugly baskets