Neem Cake Powder for Plants 1Kg

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Plants derive strength from roots spread in soil, neem cake helps in nematodes reduction and hence faster growth of plant. What is happening under soil is difficult to check for home hardeners and hence neem cake is a preventive measure applied by pro gardeners to protect their plant from any possible disease or soil bourn infection. GoldDust Neem Cake Powder is derived from de-oiled neem seed cakes by cold pressing method to avoid overheating or loss of beneficial properties.

Gold Dust Neem Cake Powder is used for root protection, soil amendment. It improves root growth, fights fungus, root knot and nematodes. Use Neem Cake powder in following ways -
Plant Health: Fighting soil borne nematodes and root knots.
Plant Food: Slow release fertilizer
Pot Preparation/Soil Restoration: Add during soil preparation/pot preparation for new repotting. Please give a delay of 1 week before planting small/young plants.